John HanleyI love coffee. Not just any coffee. I prefer a very strong French Roast from Peet’s or Starbucks. I can drink an espresso and then go to bed. Coffee seems to not affect me.

I am a software engineer and enterprise architect with over three decades of experience. Almost all the products I helped develop became industry successes. Unix, SCSI, Disk Arrays, Paragon, Norton Ghost, and Storage Manager. Except for Unix, I was the lead software architect and a major software contributor.

Today I design cloud systems focusing heavily on security and networking and write enterprise-class backend software. Authentication and Identity Systems are also favorites. I am a three-time MVP – currently MVP Cloud Networking and Cloud Security. I am an Alibaba Cloud MVP, Google Cloud Platform GDE, and AWS Expert. I am a former Microsoft MVP.

I support Alibaba, AWS, Azure, Google and IBM clouds. I have fifteen cloud certifications across multiple vendors and over 12 years of experience with AWS, about 10 with Azure and about 8 with Google.

Google Kubernetes is my personal deep dive technology where I am attempting to master everything. Since Google Next ’19 I have been working hard digging into Google Cloud Run, which is a fantastic product. I have extensive experience in security, file system forensics, authentication, and identity.

Google Cloud Dataflow and Apache Beam are also favorites. I took a while to see the “light” for Apache Beam. Now, I think this platform is amazing.

Programming languages: C/C++, Java/Scala, Python, Go, PHP, Java/Scala, JavaScript/Node.js and C#/.NET.  My “thinking” language is C. I worked on and ported Unix and the Unix C compiler/assembler/linker to many platforms. I am trying to master Go. My favorite language is Python, as I can prototype so rapidly in this language. Go is now a favorite too. C#, JavaScript and PHP are up there too. These languages are easy to work with and there are great tools and libraries for them.

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I take part in Stackoverflow almost every day for a few minutes. You can see my profile here. I am a big fan of Qwiklabs. You can see my profile here.


For hobbies, I ride horses with my dogs when our weather permits. I am a private pilot – both single and multi-engine. I play golf late spring thru early fall. I no longer ski (ankle accident) but I spend time at the lodge enjoying dinner and the view. Playing billiards (snooker) is another favorite.