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IBM Cloud – Getting Started with a Free Kubernetes Cluster

Introduction IBM Cloud has a vast array of services. Over 190 services today. One of those services is Kubernetes. This article shows how to set up a free Kubernetes cluster in IBM Cloud. Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating… Continue Reading →

Getting Started with IBM Cloud, Red Hat OpenShift & Serverless Containers

The following podcast was recorded by Mike Pfeiffer of Cloud Skills. Check out the other podcasts on his site: Mike has very good industry information within his podcasts. In this episode, I discuss getting started with IBM Cloud, Red Hat OpenShift,… Continue Reading →

IBM Cloud – Creating a Lite Account

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Introduction IBM Cloud offers three types of accounts: Lite, Pay-As-You-Go and Subscription. This article will detail creating a Lite account. This account type does not require a credit card and guarantees zero cost (link). This account type never expires. IBM… Continue Reading →

IBM Cloud – Securing a Cloud Server

Introduction This is part 2 of my series on IBM Cloud – Provisioning a Cloud Server. In this part, we will perform several tasks to improve the virtual server’s security and access. Review hardware firewall options. Lockdown external access by… Continue Reading →

IBM Cloud – Provisioning a Cloud Server

Introduction Today is Saturday, so I decided to write another article about IBM Cloud. Today, I will build an IBM Cloud Virtual Server Instance (VSI) running Ubuntu 18.04. This article is the first part of a series on provisioning virtual… Continue Reading →

IBM Cloud – Learning the Basics – Week 1

Part 1: Introduction For several years, I have wanted to learn more about IBM Cloud. Last week, I was at a Google Presentation (I was one of the speakers) on Google Cloud Run, and IBM Cloud Kubernetes was demonstrated. That… Continue Reading →

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